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Our generation strives for freedom, experiences and access to solutions rather than consumption of things. Here with Upcheer we play and we share.


About us

UpCheer is your ultimate source for gaming console rentals, whether you're a business looking to give your employees an extra boost or a private consumer looking for exciting gaming experiences. With our wide range of game consoles and accessories, we make it easy to create joy and entertainment regardless of the occasion. Let us help you lift the spirits - welcome to UpCheer!

About us
  • Durable

    We want to offer gamers an easier and more sustainable everyday life with a rental service where we offer PlayStation, XBOX and many other products for entertainment, and they can use the gadgets when they need.

  • Cheap

    Are you ready to become an everyday hero?

    Rent a console from us and defeat dragons, rescue princesses and compete against your friends in epic battles. Play more, pay less and turn your everyday life into an epic adventure! Rent smart, don't buy stupid!

  • Circular economy

    With a new rental/subscription service, we want to contribute to the circular economy while giving our users a high-quality experience without having to buy and own even more game consoles and accessories.

    1. Book your console with accessories

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